Ethan Yu
Ethan Yu


  • IoT
  • hardware
  • software

For the 2018-2019 school year, I recruited from USC Makers and led a team of six to create a magic mirror, which is essentially a smart mirror IoT device that is able to access helpful information from basic things like the weather, time, and date, to reminders from Google Calendar, a Spotify player, and the top social media and news headlines. It has the unique feature of complimenting you when you get closer to it (with the help of an ultrasonic sensor).


Here is a list of things we used in our project:

  • The MagicMirror NodeJS framework
    • It allows us to quickly experiment with modules written by the open-source community and develop our own custom modules
  • Raspberry Pi
    • Runs our program and displays it on a screen
  • Old TV
    • A screen that displays the information from our program
    • A random TV I got from my friend who graduated the semester before Fall 2018 and wanted to get rid of his belongings
  • Two-way Mirror
    • A mirror that is reflective and is semi-transparent, allowing the mirror to show the reflections of the user and to enable the user to see the dashboard from the screen
  • Wooden Frame
    • A frame that we built from scrap wood from the Roski School woodshop and Viterbi Fab Lab
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
    • Sensor that outputs an approximated distance between the device and the good-looking user standing in front of it


Here is a collection of our checkpoints throughout the year, detailing our progress and our next steps along the way:

Here is the pitch deck I used to recruit club members to join my team: