Ethan Yu
Ethan Yu


  • hardware
  • robotics
  • software

For the 2019-2020 school year, I teamed up with Alex Collelo to recruit from USC Makers and lead a team of ten to create an autonomous robot that plays soccer with a person. Our goal is to create a robot from scratch and develop the software for high-level decision making and low-level control.

Our hardware stack includes an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 (for decision-making and planning), an Arduino MEGA (for low-level control), a ZED stereo camera, encoders, motor controllers and motors, and batteries.

Our software stack uses ROS as the backbone (C++ plugin code), along with Gazebo (simulation), the ZED API (vision processing), and Arduino code.

Here’s our slide deck for our progress in the first semester (Fall 2019). It covers the hardware and software components of the project, the hardware architecture (which components are connected), the software architecture (ROS graph), and the CAD design for our chassis.

Here’s our slide deck for our progress throughout the second semester (Spring 2020) after building on what we did in our first semester. Although the COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of people on our team to go back home, we still met up regularly and worked remotely.

We worked on a lot of different projects this semester, such as:

  • object detection and distance estimation using a stereo camera
  • building a simulation environment in Gazebo
  • adding sensors to the physical robot and establish communication between the sensors and the robot
  • designing more mechanical components for the robot in CAD

Click here to check out the Github for our project!