Ethan's Animation Portfolio

Undergrad at the University of Southern California

Majoring in Computer Engineering and Minoring in 3D Animation in the Cinematic Arts

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Interests and Coursework

Currently interested in rendering, animating, and creating visual effects.

Currently taking: CTAN 497 (Generative Animation)

Completed: CTAN 452 (Introduction to 3D Animation in Maya), CTAN 462 (Visual Effects)

Future Coursework: CTAN 564 (Motion Capture Fundamentals), CTAN 443 (Character Design), CTAN 504 (Creative Production in VR), CTAN 330 (Animation Fundamentals)

If you know any classes that I should consider taking, please let me know!


UFO Turntable

Using crazy amounts of extrusion and special duplications, I modeled this UFO to create a contrast in conventional and unconventional designs. I used different Maya Arnold textures to present a metallic look on my model and rendered the final frames in Arnold RenderView. I put together the frames into a video using Adobe AfterEffects (around 120 frames).

Robot Rig

After designing and modeling the robot on Maya, I rigged it based on a humanoid anatomy and applied IK handles for more interesting movements. I added Arnold textures to the robot to allow for better rendering presentation.

UFOs Hovering in LA Scene

After using NukeX's camera tracking feature on the composition of a scene taken above LA, I imported that camera, image planes, and the UFO models into Maya and animated the UFOs with respect to the camera and the different buildings in the scene. I also incorporated lighting in the composition to create shadows from the UFOs casted onto the city. The final animation will be rendered using Arnold.


Naruto Parody Comic Series

Growing up as a Naruto fanboy, I loved the franchise and everything about the series. After drawing hundreds of pages of comic strips sloppily, I decided to try new techniques (i.e. planning and drawing those boxes) and coming up with funny punchlines and jokes, and they worked to some extent (most of my middle school classmates enjoyed it very much)! Click on the title to check out a Weebly site I made back in 7th grade with most of the comic uploads!


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