Keeping track of some random stuff that I’ve done over the years:

Obliterator 9000 – Sentry Nerf Gun

For the Spring 2018 semester, I recruited from USC Makers and led a team of five to create the Obliterator 9000, which is a rewired automatic Nerf gun that fires whenever someone is detected in front of it. This was also my first time as a project manager, and I learned a LOT about fields that I knew little about, such as electronics and management.

Magic Mirror – IoT Smart Mirror

For the 2018-2019 school year, I recruited from USC Makers and led a team of six to create a magic mirror, which is essentially a smart mirror IoT device that is able to access helpful information from basic things like the weather, time, and date, to reminders from Google Calendar, a Spotify player, and the top social media and news headlines. It has the unique feature of complimenting you when you get closer to it (with the help of an ultrasonic sensor).

Robonaldo – Soccer Robot

For the 2019-2020 school year, I teamed up with Alex Collelo to recruit from USC Makers and lead a team of ten to create an autonomous robot that plays soccer with a person. Our goal is to create a robot from scratch and develop the software for high-level decision making and low-level control.


Using crazy amounts of extrusion and special duplications, I modeled this UFO to create a contrast in conventional and unconventional designs. I used different Maya Arnold textures to present a metallic look on my model and rendered the final frames in Arnold RenderView. I put together the frames into a video using Adobe AfterEffects (around 120 frames).


Hello! This is my first blog post. Quarantine life will hopefully allow me to update this site more often!